Human Services Case Manager 2014 to present

As a case manager my duties include identifying customer need running SVES MABS and the Work number for future employment information. It is also my responsibility to narrate customer information by putting the information into cases to support the type of services the customer came into the local office of DSS to apply for. It is also my responsibility to meet the customer's housing needs as well as monetary need. My daily roles include completing communication logs, daily progress notes, and, service tickets, to support cases. My tasks also include incident reports and Maryland State documentation as needed for children or parents who are in need of DSS services.


Case Management /Human Services 2011-2013

During my time working as a case manager and in human services I assisted with planning and implementing a comprehensive social services plan for clients and their families within the case management program. My routine duties included identifying clients disability needs, as well as housing needs and uncollected child support for children who were in need of appropriate services. My role also include complete communication logs, daily progress notes, service tickets, incident reports, and related documentation as needed for children who were home schooled. It was also my function to supervise others in a fair consistent manner. My role also included workshops in career development and job readiness. It was also my responsibility to work with Hartford County social services and safe houses for women and children. My duties consisted of school visits and home visits to family on TCA as well.


Project Development Officer - Public Relation Manager 2005-2007

While I worked as a project development officer and public relations manager I was responsible for the conversion of real property under Eminent Domain, properties categorized training and development, workshops. Conversion or Eminent Domain, HUD housing categorized training and development, workshops on career planning were also my responsibility. My duties included securing permits with planning and building officer who had to review the status of the plans or property. My tasks also included using PowerPoint as a tool to demonstrate, and to discuss public hearings that allowed open and public bidding. I was also responsible for informing contractors who obtained licenses or certificates to perform demolition making sure permit numbers were valid as well as inspection codes numbers.


Case Management 2004 - 2007

One of my main duties as an case manager included intake processing using state documents/ and court documents, to ensure COMARS regulation are in compliance for juvenile offenders. It was also important to understand the Juvenile Justice System,which included: managing multiple units daily activities. It was also my duty to instruct Juveniles programs. My responsibilities also consisted of formulating policy and procedures to ensure staff compliance. It was also important to have included policies and procedures analysis being put in place for all employees and clients to ensure a pleasant work environment.


School Teacher 2003 - 2008

It was my responsibility to develop activities to reinforce the daily lessons plan for students in class. Duties also include students with learning disabilities teaching social science and reading comprehensive programs. Duties also include working as a professional IEP for the Baltimore City School system. North Western High is the school I worked at duties also includes teaching daily lesson plan to all grades using educational model to develop reading and mathematics ability to meet the student’s educational needs. As a teacher my job included providing services to students.


Correctional Officer II 1997 - 2002

While I trained to become a correctional officer and administative Master control writing daily report of all activities going in and out of facility
Monitoring daily telecommunications tower
Completed daily reports and assessments of inmates behavior doing recreation
Provide inmates with educational models doing reading and writing activities motivating participants.
Understanding the Juvenile Justice System * Law Enforcement Training /Data Analysis.