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Who I Am

Ms. Church has worked as a teacher, case manager, corrections officer, community outreach workforce developer, and employment specialist. In these capacities, Ms. Church has collaborated with state, federal and municipal agencies to support individuals though training, jobs, services and mentor-ships. Ms. Church is the CEO and a founder of  T.E.A.M., an organization committed to providing full-scale services to children, teens, families, groups and individuals. Ms. Church has a Master's Degree in Public Administration and a Bachelor's Degree in Human Services. She has also been a member of the American Society for Public Administration since 2014. Ms Church is also currently a member of the United Democratic Women of Maryland, Inc.


Service has played an increasingly significant part in my life thanks to my mother Rita R. Church. She was a political activist and a dedicated pillar of the community. Since childhood, she showed me the importance of ethics and leadership. The time has now come for me to move to the forefront as a community leader. My main focus will be to support education and end poverty. I have learned how to lead on a small scale through my education, professional experiences and the development of the Rita R. Church Foundation. I look forward to bringing opportunities to the community through education and outreach services. My goal, if elected is to improve the quality of life for families and individuals living in the 14th District.



Human Services Case Manager 2014 to present

As a case manager my duties include identifying customer need running SVES MABS and the Work number for future employment information. It is also my responsibility to narrate customer information by putting the information into cases to support the type of services the customer came into the local office of DSS to apply for. It is also my responsibility to meet the customer's housing needs as well as monetary need. My daily roles include completing communication logs, daily progress notes, and, service tickets, to support cases. My tasks also include incident reports and Maryland State documentation as needed for children or parents who are in need of DSS services.


Case Management /Human Services 2011-2013

During my time working as a case manager and in human services I assisted with planning and implementing a comprehensive social services plan for clients and their families within the case management program. My routine duties included identifying clients disability needs, as well as housing needs and uncollected child support for children who were in need of appropriate services. My role also include complete communication logs, daily progress notes, service tickets, incident reports, and related documentation as needed for children who were home schooled. It was also my function to supervise others in a fair consistent manner. My role also included workshops in career development and job readiness. It was also my responsibility to work with Hartford County social services and safe houses for women and children. My duties consisted of school visits and home visits to family on TCA as well.


Project Development Officer - Public Relation Manager 2005-2007

While I worked as a project development officer and public relations manager I was responsible for the conversion of real property under Eminent Domain, properties categorized training and development, workshops. Conversion or Eminent Domain, HUD housing categorized training and development, workshops on career planning were also my responsibility. My duties included securing permits with planning and building officer who had to review the status of the plans or property. My tasks also included using PowerPoint as a tool to demonstrate, and to discuss public hearings that allowed open and public bidding. I was also responsible for informing contractors who obtained licenses or certificates to perform demolition making sure permit numbers were valid as well as inspection codes numbers.



Public Policy

My practical knowledge in public policy includes planning a comprehensive social service program which provides services to participants. I have learned to evaluate each participant's social needs by using the formulation of work force development, and education to determine eligibility using personnel policy methods and tools as indicators. Assisting in promoting the perspective and preservation of the communities was a main focus of mine as well.


Public Administration

Due to my background in public administration, I have excellent organizational skills. I also learned public relations and public policy administration for private and non-profit industries. Through my studies I acquired extensive experience in effective communication. I was able to improve my ability to build relationships with participants, customers and organizations. Through public administration I became more organized and dedicated to service.


Criminal Justice

During my time studying criminal justice, I acquired the ability to analyze data and recommend corrective action. I also learned to adapt quality assurance systems and assessment tools to regulatory standards and Agency policies and procedures. I was able to participate in providing educational models, alongside reading and writing activities. It was also during this time that I developed a more comprehensive understanding of the Justice System.



The women in me allow me to be free, the women in me has created a consciousness of attitude that attract success, and fault. As the women in me move me to respect myself as an adult. The women in me is just me being me, once I looked into the depth of my soul I discovered that the women in me has become an outside storm of causes, that will give me choices to act and uplift the rigidness of human suffering. The women in me helped me to change the definition of cultivate activate and simulate these are the choices of the women in me. The women in me will show me how not to be. because I am not a little girl wrapped up in self pity. The women in me allow me to think free, because no one understands how deep you are until your free will has been challenged. We all feel pain when there is no gain with in the brain because, we do need each other because no-one want to be alone. life is to be lived, love is to be felt and death is for certain. As long as I live I will think free because that is the women in me .


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